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Fairies Have Arrived in Downtown Northville!

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Arrivals of fairies from around the world have been noted in the downtown area of Northville. Evidence of their presence can be seen with tiny doorways hidden on the inside and outside of stores on Main, Center, and other mid-town streets. Fairy businesses have been established and as more appear, it is obvious the colony of little beings is growing. Few facts are known about the reason for their settlement in Northville. Word on the street is that fairy scouts, after intense searching the world over, found Northville the most habitable of any community. It seems the architecture is most conducive to fairy habitats, and Northville residents, particularly the children, are kind, loving and fun-filled. Reasons for the fairies leaving their former communities are still a mystery.
The fairies have arrived at more than 50 of our downtown businesses. 
Fairy Doors Book Series
These whimsical little books will introduce the local shop fairies of Northville to the community. Fairy Door Books can be purchased at many of the Northville merchant locations including Northville Gallery.
Fairy Door Posters
Posters featuring the enchanting Fairy Doors are available now at Northville Gallery located at 123 E. Main.  
Fairy Door Map (created & produced by Peggy Trabalka)
Take this map with you to easily locate all the fairy doors.
Click on each page to enlarge.
Maps are available at downtown businesses or you may print a map from this page.
Printing instructions:
1. Click on map to enlarge
2. From your print window select "Page scaling-Fit to printable area" to print on 8.5x11paper

Hemalots's Custom Clothiers
Proprietor: Taylor Hemalot
We fit all wing sizes.
Alexander's Custom Clothiers
124 W. Main

The Wand Shop, Inc
Proprietor: Greta Spell
Baby Baby Plus More
153 E. Main

Teeny Toys (for tiny babies)
Proprietor: Dolly Twinkle
Baby Bliss
118 E. Main

Orville Flywright's Walk-in Clinic
Proprietor: Orville Flywright
Wing Repair
Cobbler's Corner
104 E. Main

Giuseppe Spaghetti's Fine Dining
Proprietor: Giuseppe Spaghetti
Genitti's Hole-in-the-Wall
108 E. Main

Twinkle Biskett Bread Company
Proprietor: Baker Barley Biskett
Great Harvest Bread Company
139 E. Main

Sheer Magic
Proprietor: Beautious Do
Margo's of Northville Salon & Spa
141 E. Cady

Fairy Theatre, starring Goldilocks
Proprietor, Three Bears Fairy
Marquis Theatre
135 E. Main

Art School
Classes in the Glitter Arts
Northville Art House
215 W. Cady

Sprite & Lively Event Planners
Proprietor: Victoria Goodtime
Northville Chamber of Commerce
195 S. Main

Proprietor:  Shirley U'Shopheer
Northville Downtown Development Authority
215 W. Main

Fairy Art Store
Proprietor: Picasso Twinkle Wing
Northville Gallery
123 E. Main

Hang About Pub & Grill
Proprietor: Bud Lightwing
Northville Sports Den
Northville Square
133 W. Main

Celestial Jewels
Proprietor: Tina Twinkle Eyes
Orin Jewelers
101 E. Main

Fairy's Place
Proprietor: Art Fairy
Painter's Place
140 N. Center

Proprietor: Jeanee Legablue
Rock on Main Clothing Company
134 E. Main

Ivy Merlot's Berry Beverage Co.
Proprietor: Ivy Merlot
Center Street Cellar of Simply Wine
109 N. Center

Starring 118
Proprietor:  Stella Starbrite
Starring "The Gallery"
118 W. Main

The Honey Emporium
The Bee's Knees
149 E. Main

Proprietors: Ulysses & Penelope Shipsanawfulot
The UPS Store
143 CadyCentre 

Fairy Window Store
Proprietor: Crystal Fabricante, Glass Master
Tiffany Art Glass
121 E. Main

Wee Couture
Van Dam's Boutique
111 E. Main

The Cherry Fairy Gift Baskets
Proprietor:  The Cherry Fairy
Your Michigan Connection
136 N. Center



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